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Rajnish Priyadarshi


Rajnish Priyadarshi is a Founder of www.vicharvindu.com. He has Passion for writing contents about public issues, stories, poems. He is the former national spokesperson of a student association – Mithila Student Union. He is a social activist, he often files R T I against the village level corruptions and committed to improve the system at grass root level. Currently he is Persuing Post Graduate in Political Science from Patna university.

Hello Friends !

मेरा नाम  Rajanish Priyadarshi  है, मैं Darbhanga  जिला Bihar से belongs करता हूँ । internet पर  vicharbindu.com के माध्यम से मैं एक सकारात्मक उदेश्य के साथ आपके बीच उपस्थित हूँ ।

Purpose of this blog :

  • Vicharbindu is an encouraging hindi blog that deals with positive thinking , biography itinerary of legendary person , famous quotes of grate philosopher and a place where writer authors contributed his works.
  • Vicharbindu develops and lift soul of humane kind.
  • Vicharbindu is a platform where I can help the whole indian society for upliftment of our country.
  • Vicharbindu is exists because thinking is exists .

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Email  : rajanishpriyadarshi@gmail.com


Address :  Ashok nagar, Kankarbagh, PatnaBihar, India